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​Training Modules

A Word with the Contractor*

​Course Duration: half day, 3 hours
CEU Value: 0.3
Trainer: Sheldon Thomas, Director, Clear Water Legacy Inc
Contact: Office: (905) 333-9203 email:

Training Goals:

The course is primarily aimed at the roster contractors employed by the water/wastewater utility. 

The course is designed to support the construction inspector by explaining the to the contractor some of the background issues driving both the design of water projects, and the need for careful and precise installation.

The contractor is introduced to the three essential components of a water distribution system .. physical integrity, hydraulic integrity and water quality integrity. 
Tendered project documents are crafted to produce waterworks that is supportive of all three components. This has to be understood and accepted by all parties.

The course introduces steps that can be taken to establish a higher level of worksite hygiene that would minimize the chances of contamination of new and repaired water piping. 

Case studies are presented that reveal several water-borne disease outbreaks and deaths that were the result of careless attention to sanitary practices at water main repairs and rehabilitation. 

Target Group:

Water distribution management and field staff, contractors, consultants; water system design personnel, water utility construction inspectors, customer service personnel 

Water Distribution System Operator Training