Clear Water Legacy 

Training Modules

Fire Hydrants / Ready and Able *A Refresher  
OWWCO ID 13108

Course Duration: half day, 3 hours
CEU Value: 0.3  
Trainer: Sheldon Thomas, Director, Clear Water Legacy Inc
Contact: Office: (905) 333-9203 email:

Learning Objectives: 

By referring to the Ontario Fire Code, trainees will learn of their water utility’s legal obligation to inspect fire hydrants properly and frequently. 

Trainees will also learn that, as utility employees, they are individually 
held to conducting hydrant inspections in a manner that is agreeable to the Fire Code. 

Some history of the evolution of fire hydrants is provided.

Water hammer and water column reaction to hydrant use is an important topic covered. Trainees will know the hydraulic consequences of both opening and closing fire hydrants. 

Trainees will be taught a 10-step complete inspection and maintenance procedure to safeguard hydrant performance and readiness for use.

A complete hydrant flow testing procedure will be provided and discussed at length. The flow test element will include calculation of ‘observable’ flow and the conversion to ‘available’ flow. 

Target Group:   

All persons assigned to inspect and maintain fire hydrants, municipal or private / fire department personnel by arrangement 

Water Distribution System Operator Training