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Fundamentals of Water Distribution / 
Examination of Essential Operating Procedures

Course Duration: full work day, 7 hours
CEU Value: 0.7
Trainer: Sheldon Thomas, Director, Clear Water Legacy Inc
Contact: Office: (905) 333-9203 email:​

Course Description: 

If you were to create a Water Department tomorrow, what services and activities would make up your core responsibilities in drinking water supply?

Clear Water Legacy Inc’s training module, ‘Fundamentals of Water Distribution’, answers that question.  

The success of a water authority is measured by how it deals with ‘the basics of water supply’. 

These ‘most essential’ services become part of a water utilities operational mandate. 

Fundamentals of Water Distribution’ highlights many of the activities and services that water authorities simply have to get right.

For each topic described, (and there are dozens) the course establishes the benefits of properly fulfilling utility mandates, and also outlines the serious repercussions of not doing so. 

Fundamentals of Water Distribution’ is a useful tool for managers and supervisors, as it clarifies the legal and practical necessity to closely follow drinking water utility Standard Operating Procedures. 

As for the field operator, this seminar provides both an in-depth and a broad overview of the water utility in which he/she is employed.  

The training material elevates the operator above singular activities, and enables he/she to better understand the many challenges that must be met in drinking water supply. 

Target Group: 

All water utility personnel, plant and distribution, customer service reps.

Water Distribution System Operator Training

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