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Sanitary Water Main Repairs / Above and Beyond Disinfection

Course Duration: full work day, 7 hours
CEU Value: 0.7
Trainer: Sheldon Thomas, Director, Clear Water Legacy Inc
Contact: Office: (905) 333-9203 email:​

​The Course Will Focus On:

  • Steps necessary to protect the water system from contamination when it is cut open for repairs or installations.

  • Sanitary water main repair practices required by the SDWA, and those recommended by the AWWA to minimize the chances of system contamination. 

  • Additional sanitary repair practices presently recognized and implemented in other parts of the world. 

  • Sanitary repair and installation recommendations from:   

- the World Health Organization 
- the USEPA and the National Research Council
- the USEPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water 
- the Connecticut Department of Health / Drinking Water 
- AWWA C600 Standard for the Installation of Ductile Iron Pipe
- the Ministry of Health stationed in Wellington, New Zealand,

…. and 6 other water authorities from North America and Europe.

  • Case studies that highlight the dire consequences of poor attention to cleanliness and good hygienic practices at repair sites. 

  • Several subject-related videos. 

Target Group: 

All water authority managers and field operators and all roster contractors

Water Distribution System Operator Training