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Small Valve Operation and Repair           
OWWCO ID 13109

Course Duration: half day, 3 hours
CEU Value: 0.3 
Trainer: Sheldon Thomas, Director Clear Water Legacy Inc
Contact: Office: (905) 333-9203 email:

Learning Objectives:

Trainees will learn that the Safe Drinking Water Act (via DWQMS) regards water valve readiness and reliability to be a water authority legal responsibility. 

The target valves discussed in the course are the non-rising stem gate valves, sized 3” to 12” diameter, that make up 95% of water valves employed in most drinking water systems.

The course will prepare water operators to operate gate valves wisely and with confidence in typical grid piping distribution systems.

More importantly, this course uses principals of hydraulics to teach water operators how to use valves to manage pipe flow velocity in a manner that will not damage water supply infrastructure.

Trainees will also:
•Learn the impact that a single valve can have on local piping.
•Come to understand how valve adjustment, both opening and closing
  plays a role in the conversion of energy in water distribution systems.
•Learn how destructive water hammer can result from valve use.
•Learn how to mitigate ‘gate thrust’ by adhering to the proper valve
  closing sequence while isolating broken water mains.
•Examine older and newer valve gate mechanisms with the goal of
  getting the best closure results.
•Learn of the typical mechanical weaknesses found in older gate
•Examine the use of automatic valve operating devices.

*Provided in this seminar is a 41-picture step-by-step procedure for the
  break-down, re-pack and repair of a typical aged iron-bodied gate

Target Group:  

All water operators, plant or distribution / engineers, construction inspectors and roster contractors  

Water Distribution System Operator Training