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Water Main Rescue / Making Repairs Last     
OWWCO ID 13097

Course Duration: half day, 3 hours
CEU Value: 0.3 
Trainer: Sheldon Thomas, Director, Clear Water Legacy Inc
Contact: Office: (905) 333-9203 email:

Learning Objectives:

Trainees will learn that there is a great deal of guidance available throughout the water industry to enable them to formulate an intelligent water main repair plan, and to properly carry it out. They are shown where this guidance can be found.

It is stressed that ‘band-aid’, cobbled-together repairs stand a poor chance of enduring, and represent a threat to water quality when they ultimately fail.

The connection between good workmanship and water system/water quality integrity surfaces throughout this seminar.

It is impressed upon trainees that each of the common pipe materials might require unique approaches to repair, and that knowledge of the pipe material and pipe-specific repair fittings is essential to a sound repair plan.

Trainees come to understand that pipe repair components require specific torque load on fasteners, and that fastener ‘thread stress’ must be correct.

Included also are discussions related to pipe wall metallurgy, installation specifications in aggressive soil conditions and, via discussion of the ‘galvanic scale’, the high value of corrosion prevention at each repair site.

Proper repair site restoration is also discussed in considerable detail, along with the ramifications of failing to do so.

This seminar draws upon ‘Best Practices’ for water main repair, often referencing the former ‘InfraGuide’ document ‘Speed and Quality of Linear System Repair’, a guideline prepared with considerable input from the trainer noted above.  

Target Group:

Any person assigned the installation or repair of drinking supply waterworks, with emphasis on the integrity of distribution system piping.

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