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When Luck Runs Out                      
OWWCO ID 13096

Course Duration: full work day, 7 hours 
CEU Value: 0.7
Trainer: Sheldon Thomas, Director, Clear Water Legacy Inc
Contact: Office: (905) 333-9203 email:

Learning Objectives:  

This course is designed to enlighten water system operators who are becoming complacent about safety in their workplaces. 
‘When Luck Runs Out’ is written, and imaged, for any operator who thinks that safety courses “always over-state the hazards”, and who thinks that common sense and work experience are all that’s really needed to stay safe.

The Course:

• Examines ‘Why we all, at times, take chances with safety’.
• Discusses ‘How some become blind to the risks’.
• Examines ‘Common negative attitudes toward safety training’.
• Lists the many ways that one can become injured in drinking water        supply.
• ‘You are not working safely just for yourself’ examines the subsequent
  effect upon family and friends when a worker becomes seriously 
• Discusses employer / worker legal requirements to work safely 
  (OHSA Section 25 (1) ).
• Discusses 4 common mental conditions that can increase the
  chances of injury.
• Discusses how slowly-developed workplace ‘complacency’ can put
  one at risk.
• Examines the likelihood of injury caused by ‘mind-not-on-task’ mental
• Provides ways to alter work behavior to help keep your mind focused
• Discusses appropriate respect for ‘energized’ tools.
• Examines the inherent risks of working upon a pressurized water
• Spaces across the day 3 case studies of death-resulting incidents in
  the water industry.
• Provides multiple opportunities to analyze stories of trainee injuries, if


Injury images are real and may be disturbing to some. Their goal is to graphically display the repercussions of carelessness and recklessness. 

Target Group:

Any municipal employee engaged in drinking water production (plant), or water distribution; also applies to STP personnel and those in wastewater/storm water collection

Water Distribution System Operator Training