“Sheldon has something unique to offer Water Distribution staff. First, he combines his own considerable operational and field experience with knowledge of emerging research and current best practices. But this combination is also used to highlight both the science and practice of work on water distribution systems.

In doing so, Sheldon provides a voice, and fulfils a mentorship role, that is greatly needed in the post-Walkerton water industry.”

​            Dr. Bryan W. Karney, Professor of Civil Engineering,
            University of Toronto 
            Principal of Hydratek Associates Ltd.

“We have been fortunate to come across a facilitator for in-house training sessions. Sheldon Thomas, of ‘Clear Water Legacy’, has developed several modules of training for water distribution system operators. Mr. Thomas’ background in Utility Operations affords the opportunity for ‘trench guy’ to ‘trench guy’ dialogue during the sessions that he provides.”

“We look forward to future sessions with Mr. Thomas, and I strongly recommend others retain the services of Clear Water Legacy.”

            Grant Boutin, Works Supervisor (Utilities), 
            Public Works Department, Town of Fort Erie

"Sheldon has broad knowledge with respect to the ever-changing water industry. His interest in all things to do with water has provided solid technical knowledge to support real life experiences that most operators can relate to."

           Jim Harnum, C.Tech., PMP, Senior Director of
            Department of Public Works, City of Hamilton

"I have known Sheldon for over 15 years while in the private sector and as a co-worker. Sheldon has a wealth of water distribution experience and knowledge and has probably managed every situation one can expect in distribution. Much of what I know is a result of his willingness to share his experiences and I consider him one of my most valuable resources today."

            Dan McKinnon, Manager of Water Distribution / 
            Wastewater Collection, Department of Public Works, 
            City of Hamilton

"As a Certified Environmental Practitioner in the discipline of Water Quality Protection I understand and appreciate the need for high quality training for licensed waterworks operators. Sheldon Thomas, of Clear Water Legacy, has stepped up to the plate to assist the drinking water industry with this much needed resource.

Sheldon's vast operational experience is passed on to trainees in a manner that is meaningful, practical and worthwhile. 

Clear Water Legacy is one of the premier training facilitators available today."

            John D. Smythe, CCEP, Canadian Certified Environmental 
            Practitioner, Water Quality Technical Specialist 

“I have had the pleasure to work with Sheldon for over six years, and he always impressed me with both his real-life experience and his theoretical knowledge. He can explain complex issues in a simple and down-to-earth manner. 

Having operated Hamilton’s large, complex and aged water system, his extensive experience shows through in his presentations and his lessons. 

Sheldon has dealt with all types of customers and he has established a good working relationship with enforcement agencies.”

            Leo Gohier, P.Eng., ‘Dynamix Inc.’

“Sheldon is a skilled leader who advocates and demonstrates teamwork and staff development. His strong managerial and technical skills are complimented by his tremendous passion and valuable insight.”

Peter M.Crockett, P.Eng., Commissioner of Planning and
            Public Works, Region of Halton

“Over the years, I have relied extensively on Sheldon’s broad knowledge of the construction and operation of water distribution hardware. This knowledge, combined with his personal dedication to see problems solved, has contributed to the delivery of a well-maintained and functional water system for the residents of Hamilton”

            Mark Robinson, P.Eng., Operations Engineer, 
            City of Hamilton
Water Distribution System Operator Training

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