Clear Water Legacy 

Water Distribution System Operator Training
On-site Training

Clear Water Legacy Inc brings training directly to your operations facility or to a venue of your choice. We also work out training dates that suit you. 

Having operators train in the comfort of their own work environment eliminates travel fatigue, fleet vehicle usage, road incidents, and other off-site training expenses and distractions. 

This ‘home facility’ training format also affords the client an option of ‘hosting’ training events by inviting operators from nearby systems to co-participate (at their reasonable cost, of course). Hosted training events have a different kind of energy, and can help cultivate greater cooperative support among neighbouring water systems.  

Clear Water Legacy Inc will accommodate single day or consecutive-day training events. Consecutive-day training assignments are priced more attractively than single day events. Please refer to the ‘Fee Structure’ link on this website’s home page. 

Training handouts are supplied to each trainee.   

Several courses are accompanied by a variety of hands-on training displays to further engage trainees. 

Clear Water Legacy Inc does request the following from clients:  

  • that all training venues provide a suitable learning atmosphere for trainees
  • that the room have good ventilation and temperature control
  • that lighting be adjustable or that windows have blinds to suitably darken the screen area. Videos and images will be washed out otherwise
  • that tables and chairs be set up prior to the morning of training, classroom or horseshoe style. The trainer’s pre-start time will be spent doing set up and system checks