Clear Water Legacy 

Training Philosophy

Water operators engage in an impressive variety of inspection and maintenance activities on any normal day of water system operation.

It is vital that each water operator understands how all of those activities can affect water supply infrastructure, water quality within the pipes, the health of water customers, and even the local economy.

Clear Water Legacy Inc seminars explain how common operational activities can affect the water column within the pipes. Pressure, flow velocity, and water characteristics are adjusted by changing demand and also by an operator’s hand.
These ‘adjustments’ must be understood, anticipated, and suitably managed by water operators.

The tools that impose these ‘adjustments’, such as valves, hydrants and water mains, are broken down into their associated components, and the science, function and maintenance of each asset is explained.

Course content emphasizes ‘Best Practices’ and effective Standard Operating Procedures, with safety a constantly repeated theme.

Clear Water Legacy Inc recognizes the absolute need to mentally stimulate and engage trainees. Videos are embedded throughout all courses, but they are specifically edited to remain brief and pertinent.

Questions and discussion are encouraged, and local case studies are often examined as they apply to the topic. Training evaluations establish that trainees value this kind of useful exchange above all else.

Water Distribution System Operator Training